Digital Technology Developers

VideoSwitch has been dedicated since 1987 to the design, development, manufacture and integration of professional video and audio equipment for cable, air, satellite and OTT TV operators; producers and companies related to the generation, distribution, processing and broadcasting of audiovisual and interactive content. We offer high technology solutions, providing quality and service, as well as professional advice and specialized technical support. We also develop customized solutions for both the local and international markets.

Our Mission

Design and develop equipment, from the Excellence in both hardware and software, In order to meet the needs of the Of our customers and add value to their Television services, establishing a Communication that allows us an improvement Continues through high production Technology, aiming to establish a network of Marketing in the near future.

Our vision

To become the most requested company in Argentina and internationally recognized by the Innovation and technological quality of our designs and developments.

Our values

  • Excellence in high-level technological development

  • Ability to adapt to the needs of our customers

  • Professionalism and value creation

  • Service vocation

  • Seriousness and transparency

Main customers

Some of our Top Customers

Canal 13 - ARTEAR

Air TV Station. Canal 13 ARTEAR Buenos Aires Argentina.

Telefe - Canal 11

Air TV Station. Canal 11 TELEFE Buenos Aires Argentina.

Canal 9

Air TV Station. Canal 9 Buenos Aires Argentina.

América Canal 2

Air TV Station. América Canal 2 Buenos Aires Argentina.

Tv Pública Canal 7

Air TV Station. TV Pública Canal 7 Buenos Aires Argentina.


Operator of the Argentine state. Ar-sat / INVAP